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Mental Health & Wellness Resources

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Mental Health & Well-Being

Mental health is essential for growth and well-being.
The MMSD School-Based Mental Health and Well-Being team is here to support students, families, and school staff at every stage of their educational journey.

5 to Thrive

Learning. Caring. Belonging. Connecting. Thriving.

Get Support

  • Browse this website for resources
  • Talk to a teacher or school staff member, or visit your school health office
  • Call Care Solace at 888-515-0595
  • Call the Dane County Behavioral Health Resource Center 608-267-2244
  • Call or text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
  • If you are in immediate danger, call 911

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Learning begins with student well-being. It can be challenging to learn when your mind and body are struggling. We empower students with coping strategies, time management skills, and a range of other tools. We partner with students and families to enhance their learning journeys through a focus on well-being.

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Caring means supporting everyone. No problem is too small or crisis too big. Our highly qualified team members are here to listen, learn, and understand your unique experiences. Our commitment is to provide culturally responsive and inclusive environments that honor diverse ways of coping. We work to create a space where everyone feels valued and understood.

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Belonging is more than being a part of a school. It means feeling safe, supported, and accepted, which allows the brain to access the joy of learning. Our staff build genuine connections with students, so they always have someone in our building who understands their experiences and is there to provide support. You are not alone. 

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Our commitment to promoting mental health and well-being extends beyond our school buildings. We provide mental health services in your student’s school and can connect you with professionals in our community. We believe in a team approach centered around the strengths of our local resources.

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Thriving is moving beyond surviving. We support students as they learn to cope with challenges and advocate for their own well-being. Thriving looks different for everyone, and we believe every student can learn, grow, and achieve their goals.

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Visit our resources page to find information from community providers and state and national organizations.

Additionally, find answers to frequently asked questions and explore our mental health and well-being at-home tips and resources. 

Mental Health Resources


Navigating Stress in the Classroom: 5 Coping Mechanisms for Teachers and Students

Teaching stress-coping mechanisms in the classroom can significantly benefit students and educators. Stress manifests differently for each individual. Understanding these varied responses, from mild stomachaches to overwhelming feelings of anxiety or frustration, is key to providing effective support.

5 Tips for Supporting a Positive Classroom Climate

Creating a positive classroom climate is essential for fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued and respected. Here are five tips to help you support a positive classroom climate and promote student well-being.

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