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When can I come to the LMC?

Every class will have their scheduled times to come to the LMC each week. If you want to come at another time too, you are welcome, but you will need permission from your classroom teacher and maybe an LMC pass.

How can I check out a book?

Everyone in the school has a barcode on a card that is kept in a binder in the LMC. The Circulation Computer can't "see" you until you scan that barcode into the computer. Then it "knows" who you are, and you can check out your own books. If you have any trouble, ask one of the people who work in the LMC.

When I check out a book, how long can I keep it?

When you check out a book, you can keep it for one week. You can renew the book if no one is waiting for it. (Has a hold on it.)

What is a hold and how do I sign up for one?

If there is a book that you really want and someone else has it checked out, you can get on a waiting list, which the computer calls a "hold". To sign up for a hold, get some help from one of the people who work in the LMC.

Who are the people who work in the LMC?

Mrs. Bremer is the library media specialist.  Mrs. McDermott is a library assistants. We both know a lot about Sandburg's LMC and can help you find a book, a magazine, or work on the computers.There are also many Sandburg volunteers who help in the LMC.

Is the Internet available in the LMC?

You can use the computers to access the Internet after you have been trained by Mrs. Bremer on how to use Sandburg LMC's computers. There are special rules you need to follow and you need to ask permission from one of the people who work in the LMC and get their OK before you use the internet.

Can I play computer games in the LMC?

There is no game playing allowed on the LMC computers.