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  • Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace is the Queen's London residence and one of Great Britain's major tourist attractions. Here you can learn facts and history of this royal landmark, find out about tours, or follow a link to the "Official Website of the British Monarchy".
  • Historic Philadelphia Architects
    Meet the architects whose work defines the cityscape of Philadelphia's Historic District. Brief biographies of John Haviland, William Strickland, and Robert Smith are included here.
  • La Tour Eiffel
    Welcome to the Eiffel Tower's official website which claims to feature everything you've ever wanted to know about this famous monument: its construction, history, and tourist information. Bon Voyage!
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
    This site will link you with facts, pictures, and historical background about this off-kilter Wonder of the World.
  • Lucy the Elephant
    A New Jersey architectural landmark! Find out more about this famous structure and its architect. Did you know there were two other elephant structures built by this architect? Lucy is the only survivor.
  • The Taj Mahal
    Learn about the people who built the Taj Mahal and its historical significance. Why was it built? And for whom?
  • The Pentagon
    The Pentagon is one of the world's largest office buildings. This site offers information and statistics about the building itself, the people who work there, and about tours open to the general public.
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island
    This official National Park Service site provides a history of Lady Liberty, interesting statistics regarding the size of the statue, as well as all the information you need to plan a visit.


  • @rt Junction
    The artists among us will enjoy this site which offers ideas for art projects, a gallery of art created by kids, historical facts and art trivia, an introduction to how to "think like an artist"... and more!
  • Art Safari
    Explore the paintings and sculptures from the Museum of Modern Art! Fun activities will guide you in writing your own stories about what you see and creating your own artwork. The site includes a neat drawing program that you can use to draw a picture and submit it.
  • The Louvre Online
    You don't have to go to Paris to visit the Louvre! Select famous paintings by artist, or by period, and enjoy.
  • Origami
    This site contains the history of origami, simple models you can make, and pictures of complex models.


  • The United States Mint: 50 State Quarters Program
    From 1999 through 2008, the U.S. Mint will release a series of specially designed quarters to celebrate the 50 states. Each year, five new coins will be issued in the order in which the states joined the Union. Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut will be released in 1999. See the designs, learn about the selection process, and check the ten-year schedule by which these historic quarter dollars will be issued.


  • Blue Flame Cafe
    Over 100 great blues singers and musicians are profiled in this online biographical encyclopedia of the blues. You'll find birth and death dates, photographs, and usually also a short sound file along with information about the musician's life and career.
  • Energy in the Air: Sounds from the Orchestra
    This ThinkQuest, Jr. entry offers a terrific introduction to the instruments in the orchestra and what they sound like. How sound is made and what it looks like when it is recorded is also explained. There's even an activities section where you can see how to make some instruments.
  • The Music Room
    Created at Capistrano Elementary School in Modesto, California, this interactive music site is a great place to read up on your music history from the Medieval Period up to today's music. You can listen to music samples from each period, and check out musical terminology with the site's glossary.
  • Poetry and Music of the War Between the States
    Music was a large part of life during the Civil War, both in the camps and at home. Here you can find (and hear!) some of the songs of the Union and Confederacy.
  • The Red Hot Jazz Archive: A History of Jazz Before 1930 
    Relive the early years of Jazz! This excellent site offers biographies of important musicians and bands which include facts and even music to listen to!