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Brett Wilfrid

The staff at Sandburg Elementary School is dedicated to providing rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for all students through an emphasis on the critical 21st-century skills, especially the integration of technology. Whether your child is learning in English, Spanish, or both, they can expect to have access to amazing technology (including an iPad dedicated to each 2nd through 5th grader in the coming year!) and rigorous, engaging instruction. We believe that emphasizing fluency and literacy in language use, culture, and technology is an excellent way to provide students with outstanding, memorable learning experiences and the skills needed for success in the coming years.

We are always looking for the best ways to communicate with families. Here are some ways in which you can find what you're interested in:

  • This website has information about our core instructional approaches, standards, teacher teams and a staff roster, contact information, policies, and guidelines for parents. It's a go-to for "How School Works."
  • The Sandburg Elementary Facebook Page is used to share information about news and events. The tone of our page is intended to be informational and celebratory. When we teach children about technological literacy and character skills, we teach them to handle conflicts in person, seeking to understand before making a judgment, and exercising self-control over emotions. Sometimes Facebook and other social media are used for publicizing complaints, including those that are poorly-informed, and the result is unproductive. We realize that life - and Sandburg Elementary School - are not perfect, and we ask you to address concerns to the people involved, in person or on the telephone, and help us keep our Facebook page positive.

We take our work seriously at Sandburg, and do our best to offer outstanding opportunities for learning, growth, and forming positive relationships. Feel free to contact us, offer feedback, or arrange a visit!

Brett Wilfrid, Principal
(608) 204-7942