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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Information about the civil rights leader.

Badger LinkWisconsin Schools' major resource site.

The Children's Book Council - Authors and IllustratorsAnother author Illustrator page created by the CBC.

Kids ClickA great search engine made just for kids.

Nye LabsBill Nye the Science guy goes online!

WisconsinInformation about all things involving the state of Wisconsin.

SportsDiscover sports information around the country.

50 StatesFind information on every state ie. state bird, flag, and date it became a state

The Human BodyTake a closer look at the major systems of the Human Body and how they work.

Neuroscience for KidsExplore the brain and spinal cord online.

9 planetsTour the Solar System.

biblio.comMore than 300 author biographies & bibliographies.

PresidentsInformation about each of our presidents.

Amazing Picture MachineA search engine that searches for pictures only.