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*Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Information about the civil rights leader.
*Badger Link
Wisconsin Schools' major resource site.
*The Children's Book Council - Authors and Illustrators
Another author Illustrator page created by the CBC.
*Kids Click
A great search engine made just for kids.
*Nye Labs
Bill Nye the Science guy goes online!
Information about all things involving the state of Wisconsin.
Discover sports information around the country.
*50 States
Find information on every state ie. state bird, flag, and date it became a state
*The Human Body
Take a closer look at the major systems of the Human Body and how they work.
*Neuroscience for Kids
Explore the brain and spinal cord online.
*9 planets
Tour the Solar System.
More than 300 author biographies & bibliographies.
Information about each of our presidents.
*Amazing Picture Machine
A search engine that searches for pictures only.