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Science Magazines

  • Discover Magazine
    Read selected articles from the current issue, or browse the archive library of this popular science periodical.
  • Science Online
    Science Magazine is a respected global weekly of scientific research. This site allows you to browse the current and back issues, or to use a search engine to search all issues for a specific topic, title, or author.

General Science

  • Beakman's World
    This site is full of science questions and educational links to get us thinking about science in our everyday lives. Find out why spiders don't stick to their own webs, and why feet sometimes stink. Gross, fun and educational!
  • The Black Hole Gang
    This is a fun site to browse when you are not in a hurry. Each member of the Black Hole Gang is surrounded by some of their favorite things. If you move the cursor around, you'll discover some of them are links to other websites. There is also a list of recommended books for each topic - many of which you'll find in our IMC.
  • Dragonfly Web Pages
    This online companion to Dragonfly magazine explores a different science topic every other month such as trees, skeletons, animal communication, or flight. You are invited to send in your own investigations, stories, poems, jokes, or art work for publication, or to share questions and observations with experienced researchers and other young scientists. A great combination of facts and fun!
  • The Last Word
    Got a science question? You might find the answer here! This site has an archive of more than 350 questions and answers about science in everyday life divided into categories like "plants and animals", "mysteries and illusions", "gadgets and inventions", and "your body". Pretty interesting browsing, even if you don't have a question in mind!
  • Way Cool Science Scavenger Hunt
    Here's a site that's lots of fun! Hunt for the answers to questions about UFOs, spontaneous human combustion, volcanoes, dinosaurs, and other interesting science topics. You'll find the answers on the web through links to helpful sites.
  • The Why Files
    Explore the science behind the news! Twice a month, you'll find new features on the science (and math, engineering, and technology...) of everyday life. A great "current events" site!


  • The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
    Text, pictures, sounds, and even an occasional movie about our solar system. Each of the planets and major moons is briefly described and illustrated with pictures from NASA spacecraft. With a few clicks, you can see images that only a few decades ago could only be dreamed of!
  • StarDate Online
    Check out the tip of the day to find out which stars and planets will be especially visible tonight. The Stargazing link will take you to more in-depth weekly, monthly and yearly tips, as well as a comprehensive Sky Almanac.
  • Windows to the Universe
    This outstanding site includes facts, news, and photographs about the planets, stars, comets, etc. as well as information on space missions and famous scientists and astronauts. You'll even find information here about books and movies related to space exploration, an archive of famous artwork, and poems to read!


  • Amusement Park Physics
    If we've got to learn physics, let's make it fun. What could be more fun than an amusement park? Go ahead-- ride the rides! You're even likely to come away with a better understanding of Newton's Laws.
  • The Atoms Family
    Join some of your favorite horror movie characters and the Miami Museum of Science to investigate some important physics topics. Learn about energy in the "Mummy's Tomb"; about atoms and matter with the Phantom; light, waves and particles with Dracula; electrical safety with Frankenstein (who else?!); and energy transfer with the Wolfman. Each character offers you some neat interactive activities to help you learn about their topic.


  • Chem-4-Kids
    Chemistry can be easy to understand and fun. At this site, learn about elements and how they combine to make compounds. Read great explanations of basic terms along with handy tips and tricks to help you learn concepts like bonding and electron orbitals. Discover how the periodic table got its name and why it is a helpful organization for studying the elements.

Earth Science

  • Earth Alert
    These daily updates on the state of the planet will give you the latest news on natural and human-made disasters, along with the background you need to put news of our evolving planet in perspective.
  • Geological Time Line
    This site will help you place your dinosaurs in the right era and learn about what the world was like and what lived there in prehistoric times.
  • Geology and Geologic Time
    Here is an excellent collection of timelines, charts and information explaining the geology and life forms of each geologic period.
  • Making a Weather Station
    Here are some good science project possibilities. This site will give you directions on how to make several different instruments to help you measure wind, air pressure, moisture and temperature.
  • National Earthquake Information Center
    What's shakin'? ...and where? If you want up to the minute information on earthquakes, as well as lots of historical information, this is the place to find both. Find out where the biggest earthquakes in the United States occurred and when, if there is anything that can be done to predict earthquakes, how animals sometimes act before a quake, and lots more. A great resource for the facts you need for that report on earthquakes!
  • Online Guide to Meteorology
    An in-depth look at those wild and woolly forces of nature: thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms... as well as the ins and outs of forecasting the weather.
  • Storm '99 Hurricane Central
    Get ready for this year's hurricane season and learn about big storms of past years. Features include satellite weather images, current storm reports, and a great collection of lightning photos.
  • Tornado Project Online
    The folks at the Tornado Project have given their subject an interesting twist, including tornado myths, tornado oddities, personal experiences, tornado chasing, tornado safety, and tornadoes in the past as well as more recent tornadoes. You'll be glad you blew in!
  • USA Today Hurricane Information
    Research current storms, check the outlook for upcoming hurricanes, view satellite images, get safety tips, and learn general facts about hurricanes.
  • Volcano World
    Timely updates about volcanic activity worldwide, historical eruption reports, information on how volcanoes work, and how to become a volcanologist!
  • Volcanoes!
    Find out why and where volcanoes erupt. Visit a volcano observatory. Access fact sheets about volcanoes, and find out how to make a paper volcano! A great resource from the folks at the US Geological Survey.
  • Weather: What Forces Affect Our Weather?
    We may not always like the weather, but we have to live with it!? This site will help you begin to understand the forces that make our weather through some good information and hands-on activities. Learn to calculate wind chill, make your own barometer, and try your hand at tornado chasing!
  • Weather Channel Storm Encyclopedia